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The basics of saving energy at home are quite simple but there are items that individuals can do that they've not really given much thought too before. One of the main ways individuals can wind up saving loads of energy is by making sure that their home is properly insulated. Here we are going to be exploring a number of the ways that individuals can insulate their homes better which in turn will end up reducing their cooling and heating costs.

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I ought to mention that instead of using fiberglass insulation there's now a green alternative for insulating your home. Nowadays you are able to find insulation that's created using recycling in mind as it is made from recycled blue jeans. Not only is this insulation 100% safe to the touch you will also not need to worry about breathing in fiberglass. I should of course point out that this new insulation is really far more expensive than traditional insulation. Having said that many men and women believe that this is actually worth the investment due to the point that it is something that can help the planet.

With regards to making use of this insulation you're going to discover that starting in your basement is the best bet. If you have a basement in your home and when you look up towards the ceiling in all likelihood you simply have bear rafters with no insulation. I am sure you're already aware of the reality that even in the summertime your basement is typically much colder than the rest of your house. I'm certain you realize that if your ceiling in your basement is in fact insulated it's going to help keep the remainder of your house warmer in the cold months saving you cash on your heating bill.

Yet another area in people's homes that wind up letting in cold or warm air with regards to the season, are the areas directly around the doors and windows in your home. Pretty much every door and window in your home will have trim around it to make it look nice, but behind this trim there is probably not insulation. At this time you can just pack these gaps with the new green insulation alternative and put the trim backup around your windows and doors. You could additionally use the spray foam insulation that you can find in hardware stores but this isn't actually a green option.

A lot of people do not understand this but their attic is also another source of loss for heating and air conditioning. I ought to also mention that the energy loss of heat and air conditioning by your attic can in fact be more than the loss you are getting from your windows and doors. By insulating the floor and ceiling in your attic you are going to also have the ability to reduce your energy costs. Keeping your home warm during the cold months and cool in the summer without investing a fortune can be carried out by simply insulating.

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